Tier III Certification

What is Tier Certification?

Tier Certification is a vendor-neutral, third-party certification for system and operational sustainability delivered by the Uptime Institute. The Uptime Institute Professional Services group is the only firm licensed to certify vendor site topology against the Uptime Institute’s internationally recognized Tier Classification System.

What is Tier III?

 The fundamental concept of Tier III is concurrent maintenance functionality. The requirement to maintain infrastructure without shutting down equipment, known as Concurrent Maintainability, defines Tier III. Tier III facilities are concurrently maintainable, with all IT equipment being dual-fed powered and fully compatible with the topology of a site’s architecture.

What is Concurrent Maintainability?

 A concurrently maintainable data center has redundant electrical and mechanical components and multiple independent distribution paths serving the computer equipment. Only one distribution path is required to serve the computer equipment at any time. Each and every capacity component and element in the distribution path can be removed from service, on a planned basis, without impacting any of the computer equipment.

What is Tier Certification of Design Documents?

 Tier Certification of Design Documents ensures the site infrastructure solutions, as represented in the design documents, are consistent with the Tier objective of the project.

What is Tier Certification of Constructed Facility?

 Tier Certification of Constructed Facility ensures the site infrastructure solutions, as represented in the design documents, have actually been constructed and tested to prove compliance.