Many companies are evaluating cloud backup as potentially the first step into adopting a cloud IT environment, some are just looking to offload the backup process from tape to cloud. However moving to public cloud for backups may be more expensive than it seems, and getting your data back may not only incur additional fees, it may be a lengthy process depending on the size of the network connection.

Enter Recovery Point Cloud Backup as a Service 

Recovery Point can help you select and implement the backup solution set that is best for your business. Our vendor-agnostic approach will help you define and customize the plan that best fits your needs for retention, compliance, data access and cost. Our best-in-class data protection solutions all include:

  • Encryption in Flight and at Rest
  • Built-in dedupe and compression to decrease storage and bandwidth
  • Immediate data access
  • No hidden fees — No transaction, network or egress fees
  • Multiple performance tiers, including tape, to manage data at the lowest cost
  • Ultimate Air Gap Protection — Offline protection against cyberattacks and ransomware with fully managed physical tape, “air-gap” services

Unlike services offered by many cloud providers, restoration times can begin in minutes, no matter the storage tier.  Our offerings are all part of a single contract to help you protect and manage your data, end-to-end, with complete visibility at all times.

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