No company or industry is fully protected against ransomware attacks. Most malware/ransomware attacks involve encrypting and exfiltrating a company’s data and holding it hostage until a payment is made. Even after a payment is made, there is no guarantee that the data will be returned. However, with careful planning, and with the right partner, your company does not need to fall prey to these bad actors.

IDC best practices recommend that organizations examine four areas in addressing malware:

  • Detection technology.
  • Integrated data protection solutions.
  • Business and IT process training and awareness.
  • Continuous review and continuous learning.

IDC also states that “Because malware attacks, especially ransomware, can be so debilitating to an organization, successful responses to an attack should include comprehensive disaster recovery.”

Recovery Point offers a variety of backup, replication, and DRaaS solutions that enable your business to failover to your RPS DR environment and restore to a previous point-in-time before the attack occurred.  This point-in-time recovery capability protects your data and enables you to be back up and running as quickly as your defined Recovery Time Objective (RTO). So long, bad actors.

Download IDC’s research piece on “Ensuring Business Continuity in the Face of
Ransomware Attacks” to see what they say about Ransomware prevention.



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One Provider for All of Your Needs

While the great majority of DRaaS providers are limited to supporting virtualized x86 environments, Recovery Point has decades of experience supporting complex, heterogeneous environments, as well, including:

In addition to protecting your servers, we can provide orchestrated cross-platform failover and failback to protect your applications and business processes. Our programs are all software and technology agnostic; we design and manage solutions that fit your needs, not ours. Protection extends to wherever your assets and data reside, whether on-premises, in a private, public or hybrid cloud, in a dedicated or multi-tenant Recovery Point cloud or any combination that best supports your achieving maximum business resilience.

While there are many cloud disaster recovery solutions on the market, Recovery Point is one of the few with the recognized experience and expertise to handle complex environments.