The cloud is about IT transformation and all successful IT transformation initiatives have two important characteristics: clarity of purpose and disciplined execution. Don’t begin your cloud journey without a reliable roadmap to your objectives and a qualified guide to lead you there.

For most enterprises, this journey will mean executing a hybrid cloud strategy, often involving a never-ending series of choices, where workloads are split between on and off premise, bringing new dynamics into play. To assist you on this journey, we offer a portfolio of cloud planning, migration, operations and management services that will help you plot your course and reduce your risk.

Let us help you build the cloud platform you need to innovate, accelerate business results and create a competitive advantage.

With Recovery Point, cloud resilience is not an afterthought. It is a critical element integrated into each major step of your cloud journey.  Our standard array of services – IaaS, BaaS and DRaaS – are all designed to help you execute better and more securely in a hybrid environment, melding legacy and cloud-based resilience solutions together into a cohesive strategy as your environment – and needs – evolve.  No matter where you are on your journey to the cloud, we’ll meet you there, ready to help. That’s the Recovery Point advantage.