Look to the service provider who is proven on every platform from mainframe to desktop. A recognized leader in resilience services, Recovery Point is the vendor of choice for many of the most complex IT operations in the country. We offer 24×7 access to technical resources with deep knowledge and experience that are so critical for success.

An obsolete resilience program can become a potentially catastrophic risk to insurers. Recovery Point is the experienced partner you can trust. We help insurers improve public confidence, stay compliant, keep sensitive information safe as well as maintain fund transfers, data analysis and information exchanges. Work with us to improve your bottom line.


  • Technology agnostic solutions designed to meet your RTO/RPO requirements
  • Enterprise security architected from the ground up
  • Fully managed service options to reduce your resource requirements
  • On-demand, non-intrusive recovery exercising
  • No-charge Proof of Concept Testing – Try before you buy
  • Cross platform, heterogeneous resilience orchestration
  • Managed Application Recovery (versus Simple Server Recovery)
  • Simplified resilience program management from a single platform
  • SLA-based commitments for predictable results
  • True business process resilience
  • Designed to assure service resilience, data security and interoperability
  • Two sites hold formal certifications from the Uptime Institute
  • Layer 1 connectivity between all Recovery Point sites
  • 2N UPS Services with 10-minute runtimes
  • 365x24x7 supervision by credentialed staff and video surveillance