IT Resilience. What You Need to Know:

It’s tough out there. Risks that impact IT Resilience continue to grow and creating a sustainable program can be overwhelming. Gartner’s 7 Tips for Improving IT Resilience is a helpful guide to assist you in your approach.

One tip recommended by Gartner is to “Evolve Beyond Disaster Recovery Theater”. “According to a recent Gartner survey, 86% of I&O leaders self-assessed their recovery capabilities as meeting or exceeding CIO expectations. Yet only 27% of that group consistently undertook three of the most basic elements expected of a DR program — formalizing scope, performing a BIA to acquire business requirements and creating detailed recovery procedures.

According to the same survey, those with a solid disaster recovery program are 40% more likely to demonstrate a stronger overall resilience posture in other areas of reliability and tolerability.”

While businesses must focus on the bottom line, skimping on – or worse, avoiding – a recovery plan is like inviting disaster. With decades of experience in enterprise testing and recovery, Recovery Point can develop a custom DR solution to best suit your business and budget. We offer a complimentary BIA, where we gather information about critical business functions, identify vulnerabilities, and define potential loss scenarios. The BIA determines the maximum time a business process/application can be down (Recovery Time Objective or RTO) and the maximum data loss that could occur (Recovery Point Objective or RPO).

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One Provider for All of Your Needs

While the great majority of DRaaS providers are limited to supporting virtualized x86 environments, Recovery Point has decades of experience supporting complex, heterogeneous environments, as well, including:

In addition to protecting your servers, we can provide orchestrated cross-platform failover and failback to protect your applications and business processes. Our programs are all software and technology agnostic; we design and manage solutions that fit your needs, not ours. Protection extends to wherever your assets and data reside, whether on-premises, in a private, public or hybrid cloud, in a dedicated or multi-tenant Recovery Point cloud or any combination that best supports your achieving maximum business resilience.

While there are many cloud disaster recovery solutions on the market, Recovery Point is one of the few with the recognized experience and expertise to handle complex environments.


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