Recovery Point combines industry-leading DRaaS services with Pure Storage high-performance, scale-out flash-based storage.

For Pure Storage clients looking for more comprehensive disaster recovery services, or Recovery Point clients using Pure Storage and eager to expand their DR preparedness, Recovery Point offers Pure replication targets for DR for either active DR or asynchronous replication targets. Additionally, Recovery Point can help facilitate ransomware protection with Pure Storage’s SafeMode™ snapshots which maintain immutability. For clients incorporating Recovery Point’s DR solutions, ransomware protection is improved by using a secondary SafeMode snapshot target. The service is available as a Fully Managed or Assisted solution, with 24×7 access to highly credentialed Recovery Point support staff.

Two Performance Tiers allow you to mix and match solution features to meet your specific RTO/RPO requirements, with the added flexibility of allowing you to reallocate services among the Tiers as your needs change over time. Hybrid configurations combining your own hosted storage and/or compute with Recovery Point’s INcloud infrastructure are supported. All services are delivered from Uptime Institute Tier III certified facilities. In addition, Recovery Point offers a full suite of DRaaS solutions for other platforms, including AIX, IBM i and IBM Z Mainframe, so you only need one provider for all of your resilience needs.

Key Performance Attributes
  • High-Speed Recovery
  • Data Loss Avoidance
  • Convenient Testing and Verified Recoverability
  • Industry Leading Security
  • Total Solution Visibility

DRaaS with Pure Storage

  • Encryption in Flight and at Rest using TLS and 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
  • Support FISMA, SOC2, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and other compliance requirements
  • Pre-staged, Software Defined Security Provisioning
  • “Air-gap” media services protect against security breaches, ransomware and internal threats
  • Granular restoration options for files, VMs or VMDKs
  • Flexible retention options, including Forever Incrementals, Grandfather-Father-Son, and others
  • Multi-site backup storage in disparate geographies
  • Built in WAN Acceleration to reduce RPOs
  • On-demand, self-service infrastructure so you can test whenever you like, as often as you like
  • Pre-staged, Software Defined Network Provisioning
  • Spin up workloads easily to develop and test against non-production environments
  • Continuous Monitoring and Response Services
  • PMP-led solution onboarding for all customers
  • Use any combination of your or our licenses and recovery infrastructure
  • Colocation services available for hybrid deployments
  • Full visibility into backup repositories and solution performance