The advent of cloud backup services has ushered in a new era in which tape backup might appear to have no role to play. Certainly, cloud storage services are needed to meet today’s aggressive RTOs and RPOs, but has the cloud made physical tape truly obsolete? Not at all. Modern, high-density tape media remains an economical backup choice for archive data and a last-ditch “Air Gap” protection against malware attacks.

Recovery Point has more than 30 years of experience providing media storage services. We offer a variety of managed tape archiving solutions that will help you meet regulatory and security requirements for less money than cloud storage. And, when all other layers of your defenses have failed in a concerted malware attack, your data on tape will still be there, isolated and safe.

It is true that managing a physical tape storage operation is time consuming and expensive. But you can have the benefits of tape without the financial and operational headaches. We’ll provide and manage all of the storage infrastructure and the media creation, rotation and expiration activities for you “as a Service,” under a single contract. You get all the benefits, without the headaches. And media mounts for data restoration of archival data are just a click away.  

Federal Clients

GSA Schedule: Recovery Point provides tape storage and transportation services under GSA Schedule using Contract number GS-25F-0030P. Recovery Point’s facilities are compliant with National Archives and Records Administration 36 Code of Federal Regulation (CFR) Part 1234 Certification.

GWAC Vehicles: Our services are also available through numerous Government Wide Acquisition Contract vehicles, or GWACs, via teaming relationships with virtually every major Federal government prime contractor.