Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) has revolutionized the way organizations build resilience into every aspect of their operations and has minimized expensive IT disruptions in today’s always-on world. DRaaS programs deliver simplicity through orchestration, automation and rapid provisioning of end-to-end software-defined resilience solutions.

In addition to protecting your operations against the impact of disaster events, hardware failure, human error, cyber-attacks or even planned outages, DRaaS can help you drive down RTOs and RPOs and align your resilience posture with regulatory and compliance requirements. DRaaS can often be less cost to and burden on your operations than traditional disaster recovery services.

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Operational Benefits and Solution Visibility

Enhanced dashboards and reporting tools offer a window into your resilience program so you can validate your readiness continuously with real-time reporting at the server level, not just at six month intervals like traditional disaster recovery programs.

In addition to improved resilience, DRaaS delivers operational benefits:

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On-demand, nonintrusive recovery exercising
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Offline sandbox environments to test upgrades in isolation
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True application resilience through workflow automation across heterogeneous environments

One Provider for All of Your Needs

While the great majority of DRaaS providers are limited to supporting virtualized x86 environments, Recovery Point has decades of experience supporting complex, heterogeneous environments, as well, including:



In addition to protecting your servers, we can provide orchestrated cross-platform failover and failback to protect your applications and business processes. Our programs are all software and technology agnostic; we design and manage solutions that fit your needs, not ours. Protection extends to wherever your assets and data reside, whether on-premises, in a private, public or hybrid cloud, in a dedicated or multi-tenant Recovery Point cloud or any combination that best supports your achieving maximum business resilience.

Try Before You Buy

Today, the market abounds with vendors offering DRaaS solutions. At last count, there were over five hundred providers, experienced and new, advertising in the U.S. alone. How can you best narrow the field? How do you avoid committing to the wrong provider or the wrong solution?  

We try to make that process a little easier by inviting you to “test drive” almost any solution we offer, at no cost or obligation. This includes our full range of offerings from an IBM Z Mainframe to a single Windows VM. Our no-cost, proof-of-concept testing programs let you put the solution – and us – to the test, before you make a decision. It reduces your risk and introduces you to our best competitive differentiator: our people.

Make the Right Choice

Your customers expect “always on” services and that requires a singular focus on resilience. But, you don’t have to be an expert in DRaaS to meet their expectations. That’s what we do — all day, every day.

We focus on our core business so you can focus on yours.


Recovery Point has been recognized by Gartner in the DRaaS Magic Quadrant and DRaaS Market Guide for 8 straight years!

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