When it comes to backups, one size does not fit all. The myriad of competing BaaS solutions in the marketplace today often leads customers to analyze a confusing range of onsite, offsite and cloud-based options and complicated pricing models. Add to this mix burgeoning security and compliance requirements in the face of shrinking IT budgets, and the result is often a time consuming challenge for any organization to navigate.

Recovery Point can help you select and implement the backup solution set that is best for your business. Our vendor-agnostic approach will help you define and customize the plan that best fits your needs for retention, compliance, data access and cost. Our best-in-class data protection solutions all include:

  • Encryption in Flight and at Rest
  • Built-in dedupe and compression to decrease storage and bandwidth
  • Immediate data access
  • No hidden fees — No transaction, network or egress fees
  • Multiple performance tiers, including tape, to manage data at the lowest cost
  • Ultimate Air Gap Protection — Offline protection against cyberattacks and ransomware with fully managed physical tape, “air-gap” services

Unlike services offered by many cloud providers, restoration times can begin in minutes, no matter the storage tier.  Our offerings are all part of a single contract to help you manage your data, end-to-end, with complete visibility at all times.