The Need for Orchestration

Not long ago, the idea of using automated tools to orchestrate server recoveries was trumpeted as a game changer. But in today’s always-on world, it’s just table stakes because you also need your business processes and their mission critical applications to be resilient, not just your servers. To protect your business processes, you need a partner who can deliver application logins, not just server logins.

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Enter Recovery Point

Today’s compliance standards have driven disaster resilience metrics to new levels, requiring regular reporting on application readiness and availability. Recovery Point’s advanced Business Process Resilience service (BPR) targets these requirements with sophisticated cross-platform application recovery automation and comprehensive monitoring and reporting features for both simple and heterogeneous deployments, wherever they may live – in your internal infrastructure, the public clouds, a colocation site, or a Recovery Point data center. BPR limits your exposure to human error, reduces your dependency on key staff, and delivers a higher level of application availability across your hybrid infrastructure than conventional DRaaS alone. Integration with all major Cloud, infrastructure, application, service, and operating systems enables a single point for managing and monitoring your business process availability.

Key Features

Solution Visibility

  • Metrics Dashboard – Unified real-time interface to resilience metrics and solution performance, with customizable and individualized SLA metrics across all application and system components
  • Application Recoverability Status Reporting – Better visibility by grouping the health and availability of individual components into a single Application Grouping
  • Compliance Dashboard – Server and application specific compliance reporting and real-time readiness status across your ecosystem, offering insights into application data loss prevention and recovery time
  • “Ready to Recover” Status Reporting – Real-time application resilience status and dependency reporting, letting you know, individually, whether your applications are ready for a recovery scenario
  • Sandbox Testing – Tested workflows within a Sandbox environment for the purpose of running drills ensures detection of environment changes that would risk recovery failure, without impacting production systems or networks

Leverage Existing Investments

We’ll manage your entire resilience program from one platform, with monitoring and reporting provided at the server level so that you get the same level of service across all technologies and platforms without having to “rip and replace” any existing investments in data movers, DR replication engines or backup systems. Our BPR service can incorporate virtually every data protection technology in use today, safeguarding your investment, while elevating your resiliency.

Workflow Automation

  • Complex Automation – Automation of complex recoveries and tasks for multi-vendor physical/virtual environments
  • Orchestration – Workflow automation / orchestration across virtually any hybrid deployed technology
  • Cross-Platform Defined SLA Management – Incorporation of a diverse set of technologies and application dependencies, with discrete visibility into application recovery groups and their components using assigned SLA triggers across each component individually
  • Granular Recovery Automation – Detailed and granular automation to recover failed system(s) across platforms and cloud sites ensuring all aspects of the recovery process are handled
  • Cross-Platform Health Monitoring – Server and application health across your entire environment is determined for any and every platform. Comprehensive monitoring is performed at virtually every level of technology within a system and application group

Compliance Support

  • Broad Compliance Support – Support across multiple areas of expertise, including Security, Access, Change Management and Data Residency
  • Actionable Reports – Living and documented test result reports that can create automated and actionable sequences and activities following predefined outcomes
  • Threat Analysis and Detection – Incorporating itself into the recovery process or prior to it, threat analysis and detection via 3rd party and other tools protects your current data as well as the recovery of your environment and applications
  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) – System access is restricted to authorized users, while visibility into reporting and monitoring is available to those who require it

When you need the peace of mind that comes with Business Process Resilience, our SLA-based service is an economical solution that yields predictable results.