Commvault Backup is a comprehensive, all-in-one solution for data protection that allows large enterprises to protect an entire data environment, across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments. As a managed service provider partner, Recovery Point offers Commvault’s data protection backup to our clients as a multi-tenant solution with a self-service portal.

Protecting and storing data is a primary concern for business operations. Workloads are more complex and increasingly distributed. More organizations recognize that their existing tools can’t keep pace with the rapid change occurring in data center environments. Commvault is flexible enough to accommodate new workload types, and scalable enough to sustain unprecedented data growth.

Recovery Point supports Commvault in physical and virtual AIX and x86 environments. x86 Hypervisors include Hyper-V, VMWare, and Nutanix. Providing RTO’s of less than one hour and RPOs less than 2 hours when utilizing the LiveSync replication. Backup RTO is dependent on recovery data TB per hour.

Key Service Features

  • With replication, clients benefit from improved data availability and accessibility as well as system resilience and reliability.
  • A simplified user experience provides more information and access.
  • Commvault Backup is intelligent and scalable.

Commvault integrates to back up a wide variety of assets, including Hyper-V, VMware and Nutanix AHV , Oracle Database and Real Application Clusters, and Microsoft SQL databases.

Features such as Commvault encryption both at rest and in flight will ensure data security while transferring your backup data to Recovery Point.

Commvault’s integrated deduplication can cut down the storage needs by nearly 90%, saving potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in disk cost alone. The dedupe feature will also help to reduce your backup window and improve your RPO.

With Commvault you can manage cross platform backup migrations between different cloud providers via one Commvault console and leverage Recovery Point for disaster recovery or DR testing.

As your storage and data footprint grow Commvault software will scale cost effectively and also supports Recovery Point’s object storage as a target platform.

Performance that Meets Your Needs

Key Resilience Features

With Commvault, you have the flexibility to create a hybrid cloud environment where data back up can be made to the cloud, within the cloud and between clouds.


Keeping the best practices 3-2-1-1-0 rule in mind, you can also keep backup data locally for quick restoration and save a copy offsite at your Recovery Point DR site.

Commvault Backup effectively supports database and applications, including distributed applications.


Clients can migrate workloads to the cloud, backup databases efficiently, and speed up access to data, all using a single solution.

Backups are one of the most important defenses against ransomware. However, advanced ransomware is now targeting backups – modifying or completely wiping them out – eliminating the last line of defense in an attempt to drive large ransom payouts.


Commvault’s immutable architecture prevents unauthorized access or deletion of backups by using robust security controls that hardens data from cyberattacks.

Commvault Backup provides scalable storage for long term data archival and manages unstructured data at scale.


Clients can archive cold data, backups, and media files leveraging the RPS Cloud Granite immutable object storage service.