Cloud Storage for Mainframe

Is your mainframe data growing at an alarming rate? And, along with it, your costs? A simple and economical approach to move older data to cloud storage to free up more high-performance storage capacity will resolve this issue.

Recovery Point’s z/Archive securely archives your migration level 2 data to low-cost cloud object storage using Transparent Cloud Tiering (TCT) from IBM. Integration with z/OS through DFSMShsm reduces CPU utilization by eliminating constraints tied to tape methodologies. This structure helps you control the relentless growth of data and reduce your capital and operating expenses with direct data transfer from DS8XXX and TS77XX to Recovery Point’s S3 compatible object storage platforms.

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Key z/Archive features include:

  • HSM tiers data to DS8XXX, TS77XX and now, Recovery Point’s S3 cloud
  • z/Archive stores datasets as individual objects, not as logical tape volumes
  • Uses point-in-time “golden copy/air gap” offload
  • Enables an additional storage tier with limited capital investment
  • Enables massive storage capacity at low cost
  • MIPS reduction via direct data transfer from DS8XXX/TS77XX to object storage
  • Unlocks DFSMShsm efficiencies and saves z/OS CPU cycles
  • Eliminates serial access to tape
  • Does not require an additional server or gateway
  • Uses existing ethernet ports to access cloud resources
  • Fully integrates with DFSMShsm to migrate and recall z/OS datasets
  • Hardware accelerated, 256-bit AES encryption
  • Immutable storage options enforce retention at an object level
  • Client-side encryption ensures data is secure before transferring to cloud storage
  • DS8XXX at Site 2 (DR) restores migrated data from DS8XXX at Site 1
  • Allows for geo replication to redundant clouds in discrete locations