S3 Compliant Cloud Object Storage and Archiving

Object storage and policy-based archiving in the cloud should provide simple and inexpensive ways for you to manage your costs while still meeting all of your data access needs, from x86 through mainframe. Unfortunately, the anticipated cost savings often fall far short of expectations. Why?

Because the leading cloud offerings are often complicated to administer and cost more than advertised. An assortment of hidden and confusing charges – PUT, GET, POST, Metadata lookup, API calls, egress fees and others – result in pages of indecipherable monthly bills and unpredictable charges.

At Recovery Point, we think cloud object storage should deliver exactly as promised – a readily scalable, high performance archiving solution with a low and predictable cost structure.

  • Scalable: Store Gigabytes to Petabytes
  • Multi-protocol: S3, Swift, Atmos, NFS, CIFS CAS and HDFS
  • Geo-distributed: Global Namespace & Active/Active Architecture
  • Secure: Data at Rest Encryption (D@RE)
  • Flexible: User Defined Metadata & Metadata Search
  • Safe: Immutable Storage Options Enforce Retention at an Object Level
  • S3-compliant for compatible storage applications,
    gateways, and platforms.

    • NFS to Object
    • CIFS to Object
    • Native Access via NFS
    • Docker
    • Commvault (S3)
    • Networker
    • Avamar
    • NetBackup
    • IBM Spectrum Protect (TSM)
    • Data Domain Cloud Tier
    • Isilon Cloud Pools
    • Veeam

And best of all, Recovery Point object storage is economical. We charge only a flat fee per gigabyte of storage used so you just deal with one predictable line item cost per month.

Store and manage unstructured data with public cloud-like scalability and flexibility, but without the end of month surprise.  It’s like AWS S3, but with better performance, simplified billing and a lower cost.