Who: A large insurance company that was a longtime Sungard client using mainframe, IBM Power Systems and x86 services

Challenge: Sungard’s pricing and inability to recover the client within their contracted environment

Solution: The client switched to Recovery Point’s Enterprise Level Business Process Resilience (BPR) solution


Tier and RTO:

  • Tier 1: 3 hours (reduced down from 4 hours earlier this year), 23 apps and 6 sub apps
  • Tier 2: 8 hours, 18 apps and 5 sub apps
  • Tier 3: 24 hours, 8 apps
  • Tier 4: 48 hours, 3 apps

Client’s actual application recovery times are decreasing every year.


“With Sungard, we had a 96-hour test window. They failed to deliver the full recovery within that window. With Recovery Point, we’re down to 13 hours and within the defined SLAs.” –Insurance Company IT Lead

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