What is your real RTO?

Vendors often promise an RTO, but when an event occurs, and minutes – or even seconds – count, how do you know if what you were promised is what you’ll receive?

How long will it take for you to achieve business functionality at the server, and more importantly, application levels?

BPR is Recovery Point’s fully automated disaster recovery solution. This solution leverages IT resilience orchestration software, allowing us to fully test and manage your DR solution down to the application level.

Our BPR solution will rapidly return your user community to server or application log-in status during a full or partial outage.

BPR can help manage:

  • DR Readiness
  • Drift (the delta between your production and recovery environments)
  • Execution of DR Tests
  • Endpoint Status – find problems along the way
  • Runbooks – find detailed information on every step executed in your DR runbook (completed, skipped, pass/fail, etc.)


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Why switch to Recovery Point?

  • Flexible contracts and solutions
  • No declaration fees at time of disaster
  • No charge Proof-of-Concept test (try before you buy at no cost)
  • 100% U.S.-based employees for solution design, delivery operations and testing
  • Business Resilience software to automate and simplify testing