Many advantages exist for organizations that opt to house their servers in a colocation data center. A colocation provider not only manages servers, but also provides power, cooling, connectivity, and maintenance – all while the client controls their servers and content.

Recovery Point maintains a 24/7/365 onsite, operational on-demand support service for hosting clients that provides troubleshooting, remote management, and client equipment installation at our data centers. It’s called Smart Hands, a value add program that gives clients peace of mind.

Smart Hands Services

It sounds robotic, but Smart Hands services are performed by highly trained Recovery Point employees. Like our data centers, our colocation support staff are credentialed to leading industry standards, including CompTIA A+, CNet Certified Data Center Technician (CDCT), and other certifications. Backed by these skills, our technicians provide comprehensive services to support your remote operations around the clock.

While many data centers have onsite staff in case of an emergency, Smart Hands goes one step further in assisting with the less urgent, often more mundane parts of data center management. A Recovery Point Smart Hands technician performs many routine tasks including:

  • Power installation for rack location including power cable, plug and labor
  • Escorted access for vendors and consultants
  • Logistics support, shipping, receiving, and package labeling
  • Equipment staging
  • Racking and stacking equipment
  • Power cycling and soft booting of servers
  • Checking and securing cabling and connections
  • Tape rotation
  • Hot swappable drive replacement
  • Rack setup
  • PDU installation

More Time for Your Internal IT Team

Smart Hands frees up internal IT resources from managing colocation infrastructure issues allowing employees to focus more on mission-critical projects. Smart Hands services offer immediate responses to various data center problems that reduce liability issues and potential data breaches.

The more time saved from worrying about daily tasks, the more your team can focus on the big picture. This value will only accumulate over time. 


Smart Hands is available at Recovery Point’s two data centers in Maryland (Germantown and Gaithersburg) as well as our data center in Mount Prospect, IL. Our data center architecture is designed to assure service resilience, data security, and interoperability. Recovery Point’s Maryland data centers are Tier III certified by the Uptime Institute.

All sites feature direct, low latency, scalable Layer 1 on-ramps to all major public cloud providers and peering exchanges. We support private and hybrid cloud deployments for all environments including complex, heterogeneous deployments.

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