In the face of escalating ransomware threats, the ability to safeguard your organization’s data effectively can make all the difference between a swift recovery and prolonged struggles. Every business can and must take steps to mitigate the threat posed by malware. However, for a company to be resilient, it must assume the worst will happen and prepare accordingly.

In this virtual event, hosted by Disaster Recovery Journal (DRJ), experts from Recovery Point Systems walk through the essential steps and strategies to prepare for and recover from cyber threats and attacks. This session covers:

  • Cyber resilience and data protection best practices
  • Essential strategies to restore data successfully
  • Insights into the power of Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)
  • Real-world examples of ransomware attacks and their outcomes
  • A CISO’s perspective on predictive and proactive strategies for the ultimate cyber insurance policy

This webinar features Jeff Judy, Recovery Point’s Chief Cloud Architect, and Scott Williams, Recovery Point’s CISO. Access the on-demand recording below.

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