Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program or FedRAMP is the gold standard in security assessment, authorization, and monitoring data for service providers. Don’t be fooled by other certifications – FedRAMP is the most stringent, requiring a full security assessment that takes months to complete.

The FedRAMP program helps the government shift to the cloud and leverage new technologies to meet the varied missions of hundreds of federal agencies. With over 200 authorized products, agencies can implement different cloud technologies, ranging from remote access, scalability, collaboration, efficiency, and many more that are critical to many agencies’ IT modernization efforts.

Attaining certification is an arduous process. Subsequently, FedRAMP certified service providers are held to a higher standard. These organizations consistently deliver high quality, repeatable outcomes at scale with documented best practices and design patterns to ensure data security and availability.

Recovery Point is currently designated as FedRAMP In Process and expect to be part of the marketplace soon. Our team participated in the agency’s rigorous application process for their Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) model using the government community cloud. We are classified at the moderate impact level.

The benefits of trusting your data with a FedRAMP certified provider include:

Simplified Auditing

By leveraging the service provider’s existing audit documentation, externally audited controls, and technology stacks, 40%-80% of the documentation and compliance work required for a company’s audit process is eliminated. Recovery Point allows clients to download compliance documentation, access logs, security scans, IDS/IPS logs, control physical and logical access in real-time, and a central area to upload/store documentation.

Enhanced Data Security

You can depend on a team of highly skilled security professionals who protect your infrastructure by creating a multi-tier defense-in-depth perimeter for data and applications. By combining security tools, multi-factor authentication, vulnerability detection, log offloading, file integrity monitoring, IDS/IPS, WAF, anti-malware/ransomware/virus, and offsite disaster recovery vastly improves your defense against the most aggressive cyberattacks.

Differentiated Messaging

Colocating application or service with a FedRAMP certified provider allows organizations to differentiate products and services by complying with multiple security standards, while lowering costs and only managing to one security framework.

Faster Speed to Market

A FedRAMP certified provider like Recovery Point trains the best team who can achieve any level of compliance. Clients can tap into this expertise anytime for guidance on how to scale or launch new infrastructure.

Recovery Point is continuously monitored by FedRAMP along with an annual assessment. You don’t have to be a government agency to enjoy the benefits of working with a FedRAMP certified provider. The foundation we established to become part of the program improves the client experience across the board.

To learn more about how Recovery Point can help your business craft a comprehensive cloud strategy, call 877-445-4333 or contact us through our portal.

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