Is your organization interested in moving operations to the cloud, but you’re not sure where to start? Think of DRaaS as a stepping stone to cloud adoption.

Cloud migration from scratch can be overwhelming. It involves simultaneously evaluating workloads, applications, security and compliance. When you begin with cloud-based DR, you have time to assess critical interdependencies in stages. Working with your provider, you’ll become familiar with cloud management tools as you determine RTOs, RPOs and other DR requirements.

Estimating Cloud Demand

Before moving production applications to the cloud, you need to calculate your existing resource demands. Establishing a cloud-based DRaaS program requires your company to determine demand by asking two critical questions: what is needed to run the business, and how much power and capacity do the applications require? Through this exercise, your company will understand the impact of users accessing data and applications in the cloud.

Test Drive the Cloud

DRaaS protects your operations against the impact of disaster events, hardware failure, human error, cyber-attacks or even planned outages. You can test security implementations, new hardware and software upgrades and new applications before they are released to a production environment. For example if you’re using Veeam Version 10 for cloud data management, you also will benefit from added cyber protection. The new automated copy mode allows duplicate backups to object storage for fast, air-gapped redundancy – those duplicates remain intact and cannot be damaged. Working with your provider on management and establishing SLAs before you deploy will accelerate the time required to expand into other cloud services.

A Trusted Cloud Partner

The cloud is about IT transformation, and all successful initiatives have two important characteristics: clarity of purpose and disciplined execution. Don’t begin your cloud journey without a reliable roadmap and a qualified guide to lead you there. Recovery Point offers a portfolio of cloud planning, migration, operations and management services that will help your organization plot the course and reduce risk.

No-Charge Proof of Concept Testing

Recovery Point makes cloud migration a little easier by inviting you to “test drive” almost any solution at no cost or obligation, including our full range of offerings from an IBM Z Mainframe to a single Windows VM. Our no-cost, proof-of-concept testing programs allows you to put the solution – and us – to the test before you make a decision. It reduces risk and introduces you to our best competitive differentiator: our people.

Top Security Standards

Data in the cloud is under siege like never before from threats, seen and unseen. With the right cloud provider, they can remain just that – threats. The last thing you need when dealing with an interruption of your business processes is additional, uncontrolled security events.

Using layered, defense in depth measures, Recovery Point provides holistic protection against attacks that can disrupt your critical data and resilience infrastructure. Concentric, layered defenses are designed to deter against the most sophisticated attacks and provide rapid detection and containment. With integrated layers working together, Recovery Point’s security architecture offers a cohesive view across all attack vectors.

A disaster recovery plan is critical to maintaining business functions. Testing and managing experiences with DRaaS go a long way to building confidence in the cloud. Companies also benefit from the flexibility to deploy mission-critical applications at the best time for your business.

With Recovery Point, cloud resilience is not an afterthought. It is a crucial element integrated into each major step of your cloud journey. Our standard array of services are all designed to help you execute better cloud-based resilience solution strategies as your business grows. No matter where you are on your journey to the cloud, we’ll meet you there, ready to help.

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