With the constant looming threat of ransomware attacks, IT teams are always thinking about the resiliency and robustness of their data protection strategies and disaster recovery plans.

Resilience plans are designed to help organizations adapt quickly to risks and disruptions, while maintaining key business workflows and safeguarding data, assets, and brand reputation. They ensure that businesses remain working regardless of external factors. While these plans are an essential part of protecting your business, sometimes knowing where to start is the hardest part.

During this virtual session, experts from Recovery Point and Pure Storage outline the essential steps and considerations for building a data protection strategy and business resilience plan. It highlights client successes around:

  • Building a plan from scratch
  • Testing repeatedly and making continuous improvements
  • Avoiding a crisis through a successful DR plan execution when it mattered most

This Megacast was hosted by ActualTech Media and features presenters Jeff Judy, Chief Cloud Architect at Recovery Point, and Andrew Miller, Lead Principal Technologist, Americas at Pure Storage . You can access the on-demand recording below.

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