Recovery Point focuses on data protection, infrastructure, and automation. Our next-level DR solution, Business Process Resilience (BPR), incorporates all three to get your operations up and running in hours, not days, after a disruption. Many clients are incorporating BPR into their DR strategy and benefiting from this cutting-edge solution. One of the best ways to illustrate BPR’s power is to look at a case study.

BPR Case Study

A billion-dollar insurance company was a longtime Sungard Availability Services recovery account customer using mainframe, IBM Power Systems, and x86 services. The client grew restless when Sungard’s pricing and inability to recover within their contracted environment proved to be too much. A door opened for Recovery Point to demonstrate our orchestration solutions. After a successful proof of concept exercise, we secured the recovery contract. The client switched to Recovery Point’s Enterprise Level BPR solution.

Importance of Testing

“With Sungard, we had a 96-hour test window. They failed to deliver the full recovery within that window,” said the insurance company’s IT Lead. “With Recovery Point, we’re down to 13 hours and within the defined SLAs.”

The client was frustrated that Sungard couldn’t manage a single successful DR test during their contract period. If problems exist during testing, it’s unlikely that your DR plan will actually work in the event of an actual disaster. IT systems are extremely complex. Interdependency issues are often overlooked. Changes made to systems and applications can be mishandled or orphaned and never applied to the DR environment. BPR achieves true business process resilience through a range of orchestrated system and application recovery services.


Recovery Point not only hit the SLAs, but completed everything in one day. Recovery results include:

Tier 1: 4 hours

Tier 2: 8 hours

Tier 3: 24 hours

Tier 4: 48 hours

Twice a year, Recovery Point runs mock actual testing with internal validation. Application testing is performed continually where changes are automatically updated into the runbooks.

It’s also important to note that our scope of work involves more servers and applications than Sungard’s. Recovery Point accomplishes more in ½ a day of testing than Sungard Availability Services could do in four days.

Our client also enjoys quick response times from Recovery Point. As they move more systems to the cloud, an open two-way line of communication and a rapid response to potential problems saves time and money.

With BPR, this insurance company is prepared for uncertainty. “We’re not doing this just to pass a test,” said our client. “We’re doing this testing to actually recover in a real DR scenario.”

BPR Is Better

BPR restores business processes at the mission-critical application level, not just at the data and server levels like legacy DRaaS services. This SLA-based solution is cost effective and produces predictable results. Contact us to arrange for an in-person discussion with our client to learn more. Call 877-445-4333 to start your BPR conversation today.

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