Stronger sanctions against Russia are on the horizon. Americans can expect retaliation with more aggressive cyberattacks on businesses of all sizes. Don’t be complacent: Everyone needs to be on high alert.

Permissive Operating Environment

Russia is known for its permissive operating environment for cybercriminals. Experts believe that the Russian ransomware cartels who wreaked havoc in 2021 have evolved from state-ignored groups to state-sponsored tyrannies. The Russian government is promoting more cyberattacks to pressure the U.S. economy.

No sector is off limits. These cartels will go after every possible target. Small businesses, local governments, financial institutions, utilities, universities, insurance companies – any entity that relies on the internet – is vulnerable.

How Much Money Could Your Business Lose?

Digging out from a ransomware attack is expensive. The latest data illustrates:

  • Average cost of ONE hour of downtime: $84,650 (Source: Veeam)
  • Average amount of downtime: 79 minutes (Source: Veeam)
  • Average cost of a ransomware attack: $1.85 million
  • Average ransomware payout: $170,000

Recovery Is Critical

Implementing a solid disaster recovery plan can help you minimize the impact of a ransomware attack. Remember that recovery is a critical component of your ransomware strategy.

Recovery Point leverages award winning software and solutions to provide clients with a strong response to any disaster.  

Our clients rely on these recovery strategies:

  • Maintaining inventory and policy enforcement
  • Vulnerability management and patching
  • Routine staff training
  • Creating regular backups to provide air-gap protection (which is offline and immutable)
  • Secure storage
  • Integrity monitoring
  • Network protection
  • Blocking known threats
  • Disaster recovery planning and testing
  • Business Process Resilience, a sophisticated cross-platform application recovery automation and comprehensive monitoring solution

Recovery Point’s air gap and immutable storage solutions include:

Veeam VCC with RPS Target (Tier 1)

This features an insider protection recycle bin, 30 days to cover dwell time, and a hardened Linux repository which provides Linux immutable flag on backups.

Immutable Object Storage (Tier 2+)

By leveraging Veeam’s immutable storage backups, Recovery Point can store these backups in our S3 compatible object storage platforms, while protecting stored backup data from deletion and alteration. Consider the benefits of this storage: Leveraging an immutable copy of your backup data ensures that there is an untouched version of that source data that is always recoverable and safe from any failure scenario.

Tape Out and Vaulting (Air-Gap)

Tape storage is offline so it can’t be easily infiltrated by malware or other cyberattack vehicles, thus creating an air-gap. Tapes are often kept offsite or in storage vaults, which means tape is your organization’s last line of defense. Tape offers write-once-read-many security. It can be written on once, and the data can never be overwritten or deleted. This feature is a particularly important to circumvent any internal sabotage or human error when an employee erases critical files.

BPR for Backup Validation

True Business Process Resilience (BPR) is achieved through a range of orchestrated system and application recovery services. Our BPR solution will rapidly return your user community to server or application log-in status during a full or partial outage which provides backup validation.

If you’re having trouble sleeping at night because of fear of an attack, take action now. Call 877-445-4333 to speak to a Recovery Point expert or fill out our contact form.  

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