We Invest in the Latest Technologies So You Don’t Have To

Is your journey to cloud enabling your IT business resilience program to achieve financial agility in addition to operational agility? If not, and you’re still facing high fixed costs, while  saddled with legacy solutions and expensive CAPEX refresh cycles, then it’s time for a change.

Recovery Point delivers pure OPEX resiliency solutions that adapt to the dynamics of your business requirements, not ours. We take care of the investments necessary to keep your business safe while you deploy your capital towards business growth and becoming more competitive.  

Our extensive catalog of OPEX resilience services spans a wide range of technologies, including IBM Z mainframe, IBMi, AIX, x86 and others and is delivered on your choice of public, private, multi-tenant, dedicated or hybrid infrastructure. We continually invest in the latest technologies – and share them with you – so you don't have to.

Recovery Point can help you achieve financial agility as you journey to the cloud. Leverage our balance sheet, not yours to meet your resilience goals.