Resiliency Portfolio

Disasters happen, but that doesn’t mean your business or its customers have to be disrupted. Testing is key to getting your business up and running after a disaster.

Recovery Point provides different options, Business Process Resilience (BPR), and Resiliency Management Platform(RMP), for you to manage your business resilience needs. BPR & RMP enable you to meet, achieve and improve upon your business RTO objectives.

With the most comprehensive IT Resilience Orchestration solution on the market, Recovery Point’s resiliency solutions make it easier to fully control and automate all backup, replication and recovery processes from a powerful dashboard.

Choose The Option That Works For You



Self-Managed Services

Resiliency Management Platform (RMP), powered by Geminare ™ is offered as a stand-alone or SaaS model platform that fully orchestrates and automates DR workflows across any complex environment, giving you better visibility, cost-savings, and eliminating disruptions.

Save money and staffing resources, by integrating and automating your system using one powerful management tool.

Automate IT operations on one unified dashboard, which can be managed by a single administrator or small team.

Fully-Managed Services

Business Process Resilience (BPR) is an always-on resilience platform that gets your business up and running in hours after a disruption. 

It’s the next level DR solution that restores your business processes at the mission-critical application level, not just at the data and server levels like legacy DRaaS services.

What’s your real RTO?

Vendors often promise an RTO, but when an event occurs, and minutes – or even seconds – count, how do you know if what you were promised is what you’ll receive?

Key Features