Service Delivery

tape vaulting service deliveryRecovery Point offers local and nationwide scheduled rotation of media during normal business hours, as well as emergency delivery services, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Equipment and Couriers

Secure local transportation of client media is performed by bonded couriers in specially equipped unmarked vehicles. Trucks are outfitted with insulation on walls, floors and ceilings, providing temperature stabilization, and heavy-duty heating and air-conditioning systems that maintain climate control. Larger vehicles have secondary heating and air conditioning units in the cargo areas. Cellular telephones with voicemail allow Recovery Point to communicate minor route changes without recalling a vehicle. Heavy-duty lift gate equipment on larger vehicles accommodates off-site tape transport carts with capacities up to 500 tapes.

Media Inventory Tracking and Chain of Custody

Recovery Point clients enjoy a paperless vendor interface with the complimentary Client Media System (CMS), a comprehensive media inventory and bar-code scanning system that eliminates paper transmittal forms and simplifies inventory management and event tracking. CMS includes training, on-line and live help services, bar code labels and scanning equipment. CMS works well with both slotted and containerized programs and supports a number of client-friendly features, such as on-line bar code label ordering, automatic media return scheduling, templates for repetitive transactions and notes tracking for media shipments.

CMS maintains a chain-of-custody audit trail for all media activity. Bar-code scanning technology is used throughout the media retrieval, re-filing and delivery processes to maximize data security and integrity. A detailed audit trail of each delivery is displayed in the month-end delivery report that accompanies your monthly invoice. CMS offers a Global View inventory feature for clients with multiple service locations.

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