Recovery Point’s primary off-site data storage facilities in Gaithersburg, Maryland, meet the full range of independent security standards for the storage of both commercial and government media. Vaults are used only for the protection of durable computer media. No paper or general business records are stored in any building where data storage vaults are located. 

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Physical Security

For commercial media, we offer independently certified, U.L. Class II storage vaults, constructed in accordance with all required U.L. standards and procedures. Access into the vaults is through a combination of U.L.-listed six-hour fire and Class II security doors. 

For Federal state and local government agencies, we offer a six-sided, GSA approved, modular structure meeting the requirements of Federal Specification AA-V-2737 which is equipped with the requisite GSA label. Access is through a U.L.-listed six-hour fire door and a GSA approved Class 5 security door.

Fire Security

Media storage vaults are certified to meet the requirements of NFPA232, Standard for the Protection of Records, and are built to six-hour fire resistance standards utilizing all U.L. and NFPA approved materials and methods. All fire doors, shutters, and dampers bear the requisite U.L. labels. Doors conform to NFPA Standard 80. No vault exceeds 25,000 cubic feet or has a ceiling height greater than 12 feet.

Environmental Security

Computer-room-grade environmental systems conforming to NFPA Standard 90A are provided in all vaults. Only vapor-proof U.L.-listed lighting fixtures are used inside the vaults, which are protected by FM200 gas fire suppression systems. These systems automatically close all fire doors, shutters and dampers prior to discharge and are linked to building-wide fire alarm systems that notify municipal authorities of any threat of fire.

Access Control Security

Concrete walls that run from slab to deck isolate the media storage vaults, as well as the electronic vaulting center and operations hub, from the rest of the building. Admission is restricted by U.L. labeled, ballistic-rated, security vestibules. Only cleared employees and escorted client or contractor personnel are permitted in secure areas.

Electronic Security

All vault facilities are protected by redundant, high grade, electronic security systems suitable for commercial or secure government clients.