Environmental Controls

tape vaulting environmental controlsTemperature and humidity levels inside Recovery Point’s data storage vaults are maintained by Liebert computer-room-grade environmental control systems, installed in conformance with applicable ANSI Standards and designed to maintain ranges of 65 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit and 35 to 45 percent relative humidity.

Air inside the vaults is continuously re-circulated through high efficiency filter media conforming to American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Standard 52 for computer-room-grade installations. Electrostatic air filtration systems are not used in any vaults. Positive internal static air pressure is provided to reduce the risk of contamination from outside sources. To reduce the risk of moisture absorption, client media is stored on mobile carriage systems elevated a minimum of 12 inches above the building slab. To further isolate client media from external environmental influences, vault interiors are sealed on all six sides with a moisture resistant epoxy membrane barrier. Central vacuum systems keep the vaults free of contamination without introducing electric motors into media storage areas.

environmental contral tape storageN+1 redundant system design assures control of temperature and humidity in the event of a primary system failure. Should normal utility supply be interrupted, power for the HVAC systems is automatically transferred to an automatic-starting standby generator system, restoring environmental control within 60 seconds.

Environmental control also extends to Recovery Point’s loading facilities, which include fully enclosed fire-rated loading docks and systems to assure that media will not be subjected to extreme temperature fluctuations or public scrutiny.