Transition Planning

Recovery Point provides comprehensive transition planning services to assure that new hosting clients enjoy a smooth and safe migration to our sites. Key elements of our transition planning processes are set out below:

Pre-Transition Project Planning

1. Establish matrix mapping existing services to Recovery Point offerings
2. Perform gap analysis to identify any risks and establish plans for remediation
3. Confirm recovery network design and develop implementation plans and timelines
4. Review requirements for hosted services and confirm appropriate resources
5. Review options for migration of hosted equipment and develop plans and timelines
6. Establish auditable criteria for successful transition process  

Project Risk Mitigation

1. Define roles and responsibilities of all parties involved in transition activities
2. Identify key point-of-contact for all parties and their backups
3. Establish framework for regular communication between all parties 
4. Establish fallback plan if transition activities are impacted 
5. Establish collaborative basis for documenting all transition activities 
6. Develop pre-transition, proof-of-concept testing plans, where possible
7. Develop pre-transition, tabletop transition plans, where appropriate
8. Develop written project plan expectations, procedures and timelines
9. Perform pre-migration network testing 

Project Implementation

1. Recovery Point project manager assumes responsibility for transition coordination
2. Recovery Point manages logistics of hosted equipment migration, if desired
3. Transition managed per established project plan and timelines

Post Transition Review

1. Review project plan vs. actual events and identify any new gaps or risks 
2. Remediate new gaps or risks and modify test parameters, if necessary
3. Confirm stability of recovery environment and readiness for first recovery test

These project planning and implementation activities are documented via a web-based collaborative project planning tool that facilitates excellent communication and documentation. We provide PMP certified staff to supervise all activities.