Network Services

Any Carrier, Anywhere, Any Time

Whether for production services or disaster recovery, in today’s cloud-enabled IT world, it’s truly all about the network. And scalable, low-latency network options at competitive prices are the key to managing costs. At Recovery Point, we left the conventional approach to network services behind and built our own carrier-grade DWDM fiber networks directly into the world’s strategic points of presence so you can leverage the widest choices among network providers and connect at the most competitive and economical prices possible. 

We provide network-rich cross connect services and virtually unlimited peering opportunities at geographically diverse, global PoP sites. At these hubs, you can directly interconnect across our private dark fiber facilities with virtually any major global network, ISP or public cloud to meet all of your critical peering, transit and traffic exchange needs. The result is low latency access to your preferred content providers, networks, carriers and Internet service providers.

Recovery Point’s vendor neutral infrastructure eliminates the complexity, delays and expenses of last-mile charges, local loops and long-haul circuits while leveraging the benefits of a world-class network.

Recovery Point’s full suite of carrier-grade services includes:

  • IP and Transport – 100 Megabit (Fast Ethernet) to 100 Gigabit Ethernet
  • Fiber Channel / FICON Transport
  • ISP Services with Multiple Tier 1 Providers and BGP
  • Server Load Balancing
  • Global IP Load Balancing
  • DNS Services
  • Backup SMTP Services
  • Active Directory DR Services
  • Data Replication from Megabytes to Terabytes
  • VOIP and Voice Recovery Services


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