Disaster Recovery

The Power, The Place and The People

Recovery Point is a national provider of integrated Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions. We serve a diverse client base of Federal, state and local government agencies, as well as commercial organizations ranging from Fortune 500 to small businesses. Our facilities and recovery centers are located in Maryland, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Illinois. From the mainframe to the desktop, we offer the complete range of resources required for your organization to survive a catastrophic event and keep your applications and business processes running.

Integrated Service Delivery

When business is disrupted, piecing together a solution from multiple vendors means wasted time and increased risk. Recovery Point’s comprehensive service delivery model reduces risk and accelerates recovery by integrating all of your required resources and support services into one flexible contract.
Our solutions include Recovery as a Service (RaaS) offerings for all major environments, subscription-based Hot Site, Cold Site and Work Area recovery services, managed hosting and colocation, off-site tape storage, carrier-class network services and credentialed planning services. We also offer hybrid solutions that integrate your dedicated hosting assets, such as replicated storage, with our shared subscription assets, in the same location and on the same network. Our risk management strategy is based on a unique facilities subscription model which balances client load across markets while maintaining the capacity to recover all subscribers at their primary facility, simultaneously.

Guaranteed Facility Access

Oversubscription risk has always concerned buyers of recovery services. Recent, large scale, weather-related disasters have brought this issue clearly to the forefront for clients attempting to gauge the risk of non-performance by their vendors during widespread disaster events. The old industry practice of “rolling back” clients to alternate recovery centers during regional events ceased to be viable when replicated storage, high availability solutions and pre-provisioned networks became integral components of disaster recovery planning. Breaking with industry convention, Recovery Point pioneered a new approach to mitigate oversubscription risk. Unlike competitors, we guarantee you access to your chosen recovery site, where your established network services, hosted resources and replicated storage will reside. We reserve sufficient facility power, environmental and network infrastructure to recover 100 percent of a site’s aggregate client load simultaneously. We also offer an optional contract feature called Geographic Limitation on Services (GLS) that restricts the number of clients who can enter into a contract for a specific class and quantity of shared-risk subscription hardware within a pre-defined geographic area.

100% Successful Recoveries

Since inception, all Recovery Point clients experiencing disaster events have successfully recovered. No client has ever received less than its full, contracted level of services during a test or disaster event. We exercise all contracted services during test events to assure full-service support. Trust Recovery Point to deliver the capacity, service and support required to protect your critical business processes.

When You Succeed, We Succeed

We believe that the success of our clients is the best demonstration of service excellence. From basic data storage to complex enterprise requirements, Recovery Point’s goal is helping clients meet the program objectives, RTOs and RPOs that are the keys to effective disaster recovery. We achieve mission success together.