Test Suites

Recovery Point provides state-of-the-art Hot Site test suites with capacities ranging from 8 to 40 positions and multiple 100-seat Work Area suites with private offices and conference facilities. We work closely with you to provide generous and appropriate seating for testing and recovery. Test suites are not shared among clients. Tests may be scheduled in advance, for the full term of the contract, if desired.

On-Site Testing

Recovery Point provides a variety of on-site test support services, from traditional platform support; to developing and executing client-specific recovery scripts for individual systems; to turnkey, fully managed enterprise testing services. Recovery Point can also provide initial baseline assessment services to assist clients in defining their requirements and service level objectives.

Remote Testing

In addition to on-site testing, Recovery Point supports remote testing at all levels. Remote testing is increasingly popular with both local and out-of-region clients because it reduces the impact of testing on production staff and can make a client more resilient in the event that an actual disaster impairs the ability of their own qualified technical resources to travel to the recovery site. Remote access and testing services also contribute to cost savings by eliminating travel and lodging expenses incurred during conventional testing. Examples include:

•  Mainframe TN3270 using SecureAgent IDG 9074 Secure Communications Controllers
•  Midrange remote HMC or service console connectivity
•  Windows or Linux Raritan’s Command Center (IP-KVM)
•  Microsoft Windows Terminal Services (RDP) SSH

Credentialed BCDR planning and consulting services are available to assist clients in developing the combination of remote and on-site testing that bests suits their needs. The same high level of support that clients enjoy when testing on-site is provided for remote testing.