Supported Environments

Recovery Point provides subscription-based Hot Site equipment for all major technology environments, from the mainframe to the desktop.

hot site environment

Multiple IBM System Z Footprints
•  VM or Native
   EC196 through EC12
•  Specialty engines
•  Dedicated IFLs for Linux
•  Tier 1 Mainframe SAN
All Major Mid-Range Environments
•  Wintel/Physical and all Virtual
•  iSeries
•  AIX
•  HP-UX
•  Sun/Oracle
All Major Networking Environments
•  Cisco
•  F5
•  Alcatel
•  Ekinops DWDM
•  Juniper and many others

Storage and Peripherals
•  Comprehensive mid-range tape library offerings
•  Stand-alone media (IBM, HP, STK and others)
•  Comprehensive mainframe tape library offerings
•  Comprehensive Tier 1 SAN offerings
•  VTS, including Data Domain, IBM TS7700 and many others

Recovery Point regularly refreshes technology to keep provisioning current. Our systems are protected by rapid-response, full-service maintenance contracts, and we maintain workrooms in our facilities stocked with tools and spare parts for maintaining equipment to reduce downtime. In all cases, Recovery Point strives to keep clients running continuously.