Unique physical security and infrastructure design attributes make Recovery Point’s disaster recovery facilities among the most resilient commercial sites in the United States. With concurrent maintainability built into all electrical and mechanical infrastructure, our sites are purpose-built to mitigate risks associated with any single point of failure and to operate for extended periods of time without access to municipal utilities. 

Independent Assurance of Resilience

The details of data center infrastructure design really matter when selecting a hosting provider. Data center operators often advertise facilities that are “designed to meet” independently established standards for infrastructure resilience but offer little more than their own website marketing claims as evidence of actual compliance. The Uptime Institute’s Tier Standards for Operational Sustainability program is universally recognized as the best independent measurement of infrastructure resiliency because of the Uptime Institute’s rigorous examination, inspection and certification processes.

Recovery Point is proud to be one of a small number of data center operators in the United States to have received formal certification from the prestigious Uptime Institute for Tier III data center infrastructure. And it’s not just one location. Our data centers in both Germantown and Gaithersburg, Maryland have both been certified to meet the design criteria for Tier III concurrently maintainable facilities and our Germantown facility has also received Tier III Certification of Constructed Facility, the industry’s most coveted recognition.

If a facility’s design and construction isn’t independently certified, there’s no proof that it really meets any standards — or your needs. 

Concurrently Maintainable and 100% Available

The expansion of online services with 100% uptime requirements and the demand for high-availability recovery solutions have made many hosting facilities obsolete, including a variety of recently constructed sites. That is because, while traditional data center design offers some protection against occasional equipment failure, it puts your application availability at risk when scheduled electrical or mechanical maintenance and upgrades are being performed. And sooner or later, everything supporting your equipment will need maintenance. Recovery Point’s Tier III data center services are certified to be concurrently maintainable, having multiple, independent electrical and mechanical distribution paths to mitigate those risks. Because only one distribution path is required at any time, any path can be safely removed from service for planned maintenance without impacting your services. Recovery Point’s concurrently maintainable infrastructure offers scalability without disruption.

Secure and Audited

As with infrastructure resilience, the details of a hosting facility’s security design matter a great deal because clients count on uninterrupted services during the most critical situations. Every Recovery Point facility is sited more than 25 miles away from a major city center and a safe distance away from obvious potential threats such as fragile geology, symbolic targets and other high-risk activities. Each location has been constructed to withstand extended commercial power outages, telecommunications disruptions and attempts at forced entry. Our newest flagship facility has been designed to meet GSA Level D building blast resistance standards for new Federal office buildings.