Compliance Overview

Independent site certification to impartial industry standards for infrastructure resiliency is a prerequisite when selecting a provider to support your mission critical environments. Vendors often advertise facilities that are “designed to meet” independently established standards but offer little more than their own website marketing claims as evidence of actual compliance. Recovery Point is proud to be one of a small number of data center operators in the United States to have received formal design certification from the prestigious Uptime Institute for Tier III (concurrently maintainable) data center infrastructure for multiple facilities. And our Germantown facility has also received Tier III Certification of Constructed Facility, the industry’s most coveted recognition. The Uptime Institute Tier Classification System is universally recognized as the best independent measurement of infrastructure resilience. If a facility isn’t independently certified, there’s no proof that it really meets any standards – or your needs.

Even with compliant infrastructure, a service provider is only as reliable as the procedures it employs to operate them and to safeguard the security of its clients’ critical assets and data. Independent certification to rigorous nationally recognized auditing standards provides assurance that a computing environment is being managed successfully to that end. Recovery Point serves a broad spectrum of public and private sector clients and is audited against key national standards for site, network and data security.


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