Work Area

Complete Environments For Efficient Recovery

Recovery Point’s state-of-the-art Work Area recovery facilities provide complete environments for clients to recover their end-user business operations efficiently and comfortably. Facilities are available in Gaithersburg and Germantown, Maryland, Chicago, Illinois (Kenosha, Wisconsin) and also at partner sites in Bethlehem and Norristown, Pennsylvania. These locations share common ergonomics and design features, including private offices, locking file storage, dedicated server rooms and conference facilities, and are interconnected so that the phone system presents one appearance, no matter where a client is working. All of our sites provide ample private parking. All facilities are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Fixed Positions and Extension Options

Recovery Point’s Maryland facilities include 300 fixed workspaces and private offices in three 100-seat suites. If additional seats are needed, up to 300 mobile end-user seats can be provided through the use of on-site, all-weather hitching posts that support power, network, water and sanitary connections to building infrastructure. Our Kenosha, Wisconsin Work Area facility includes 100 fixed workspaces and private offices, supplemented by hitching post facilities that can support 50 more workspaces. An additional 300 seats are available at partner facilities in Bethlehem and Norristown, Pennsylvania.

Expand Seats with Virtual Positions

Recovery Point also provides “virtual” end-user Work Area positions, including IP telephony with ACD and bandwidth for data access. In the event of significant demand for physical seats, these can be deployed wherever Internet access is available. Virtual positions can be acquired as primary recovery resources, or as protection against the impact of a multiple disaster scenario. VOIP soft phone services leverage facility-based seats at lower cost and add functionality to mobile solutions.

In many other national markets, Recovery Point partners with independent Work Area service vendors to provide local Work Area recovery suites linked by high-speed connectivity to Recovery Point’s Hot Site and Hosting infrastructure. The flexibility of Recovery Point’s carrier-neutral network makes it easy and economical to extend our IT recovery infrastructure to customer-owned or partner-provided facilities anywhere in the United States.

Mobile Option

Recovery Point supports mobile services delivered by all leading mobile end-user and mobile data center providers. Recovery Point’s sites are equipped with all-weather hitching post installations that are compatible with these vendors’ offerings. The hitching posts provide power and voice/data connectivity between mobile units and each Recovery Point facility. Both copper and fiber services are available. Sanitary connections are included at the Germantown, Maryland recovery facility.