Hot Site Facilities

Capacity and Flexibility

Recovery Point provides enterprise class, geographically diverse Hot Site recovery centers provisioned with leading-edge technology and shared IT resources to meet the most complex requirements. Customers around the country leverage Recovery Point’s Hot Site services for affordable, flexible protection of critical business assets. Our focus is helping you meet the program test objectives, RTOs and RPOs that are the keys to successful recovery in a real disaster.

Comprehensive Technology Provisioning

Recovery Point supports a full range of computing environments:

  • Platforms including zSeries, pSeries, iSeries, Sun/Oracle, HPUX, Wintel and VM
  • Tape and storage systems for all major mainframe and mid-range platforms
  • Remote testing from simple console access to fully managed remote testing and recovery services
  • Credentialed consulting services to identify the mix of resources best suited to your needs

Industry Leading Testing Facilities

Our Hot Site recovery centers are equipped with comfortable test suites and Work Area suites containing private offices and conference facilities. To support client testing and declarations, Recovery Point is staffed with seasoned administrators, account managers and credentialed professionals, each averaging more than 15 years of experience.

Flexible Services and Contract Terms

Recovery Point is recognized as the industry leader in flexible services and fair contract terms. Because we know your needs will change over time, our process for updating disaster recovery configurations is adaptable and economical. Most mid-contract changes can be made coterminous at predetermined rates. We also accommodate resource exchange during a contract term. For example, if your program requires fewer subscription-based services and more hosting infrastructure (or the opposite), we’re happy to help you re-arrange your services, without penalty.

Reduced Risk

When your recovery services vendor over-subscribes its facilities, a large-scale or regional disaster can impact resource availability and put your recovery at risk. Unlike our competitors, Recovery Point maintains sufficient floor space, facilities and network infrastructure to recover 100 percent of every client’s subscription-based technology requirements simultaneously, at the client’s primary recovery site. You will recover at the site you know – and where your pre-provisioned network services and most critical hosted resources already reside. Recovery Point’s access commitment and high resources-to-subscriptions ratio mean subscribers can be confident that required critical resources will be available when needed.

Outstanding Client Support

Experienced staff and credentialed professionals deliver comprehensive support at every recovery center. Clients also use our Customer Portal to proactively manage Recovery Point services, including expedited service requests. Recovery Point’s senior management is always directly accessible to our clients, eliminating bureaucracy and delay when important issues arise. We have the diversity of facilities, staff and technology to meet the most complex requirements, yet we are always staffed to remember your name.