Cold Site Facilities

Long-Term Support For Extended Operations

When the time required to restore normal operations exceeds the six-week Hot Site occupancy period, Cold Site subscriptions can extend restoration support for up to one year, or more. We will assist you in the design, procurement and implementation of virtually any environment required to extend your recovery operations after expiration of Hot Site occupancy.

Recovery Point’s Cold Site facilities were purpose-built to mitigate risks associated with any single point of infrastructure failure and to operate on an extended basis without access to municipal services. Our Cold Site facilities also support managed tape backup services and off-site data storage.

disaster recovery cold site

Security Features

  • Exterior entrances are locked at all times
  • CCTV and programmable proximity access control systems provided
  • UL labeled ballistic portals protect all secure areas
  • Biometric authentication and full-time escort required for access to data centers

Network Features

  • Carrier neutral access via diversely routed dark fiber to major peering points
  • Diversely routed, dark fiber backbone to alternate Recovery Point sites
  • Diverse building entry points for multiple Tier 1 providers
  • Dual building DMARCs spaced 200 ft. or more apart
  • Shares VOIP systems and services with all other sites
  • Germantown data center and Cold Sites share physical network

Mechanical Features

  • 2N CRAC architecture
  • FM200 systems with main and reserve agent supplies (2N)
  • Building-wide UL fire sprinkler systems
  • Full BMS systems to maintain temperature and humidity targets

Electrical Features

  • Dispersed power entrances and systems
  • Dual corded UPS power distribution with 10-minute runtime (2N)
  • Redundant transformer capacity for all data center services (2N)
  • Redundant diesel generator capacity for all data center services (2N)
  • Seven-day diesel onsite fuel supply with fuel polishing systems