Client Amenities

Disaster recovery testing is often a challenging, multi-day process that can feel like an endurance trial. Actual disaster declarations are highly stressful events that demand the most of your staff, for weeks or months, around the clock. Our goal is to enable you to focus on the important tasks at hand. With over 30 years of experience supporting tests and recoveries, we know that planning for the safety and convenience of clients is as important as planning for their technology needs. Recovery Point takes a holistic approach to service delivery, placing special emphasis on the amenities that make operating in our facilities productive and comfortable for extended periods of time. All Recovery Point facilities are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Discrete and Secure

All Recovery Point facilities are located in single-purpose, dedicated recovery sites and feature ample off-street private parking for clients. They feature sophisticated access control systems with secondary biometric authentication for data centers, as well as video surveillance equipment. All outside entrances are locked 24x7x365.

On-site Amenities

• Kitchens, lounge facilities, conference rooms
• Restaurants, lodging and transportation services nearby
• Storage services for client-owned assets, from tape media to specialty equipment
• Full-service loading docks and freight elevators
• Ample, secure parking

Comprehensive On-site Assistance

Each test or declaration begins with an on-site orientation to the facility, including detailed site-specific documentation. Our staff is prepared to assist you 24x7x365 with everything from credentialed, platform-specific assistance to logistics support, network troubleshooting, and catering and lodging.

Client Portal

Recovery Point clients have secure access to our Client Portal that contains a variety of administrative tools and site-specific information, enabling clients to manage their service portfolio and prepare for testing or declarations.