Site and Security Infrastructure

Built to the Highest Security Standards

To provide maximum protection for occupants and their technology, Recovery Point’s Germantown, Maryland hosting facility was designed to meet GSA’s published Level D building blast resistance standards for new Federal office buildings, as promulgated by GSA’s Interagency Security Committee pursuant to Executive Order 12977. The structural system of the building also meets the International Building Code design criteria for a Category III building for seismic and wind loads. Category III buildings include essential facilities such as police stations, emergency shelters and emergency operations centers.

Key site characteristics include:

Site Features

  • Fenced 17-acre site 
  • No signage, tenants or public access
  • DOS K12/ASTM M50 anti-ram vehicle perimeter 
  • Private drainage system – sited above the 100-year flood plain
  • More than 450 secure, dedicated parking spaces for clients – no public or shared access
  • UL Standard 96A Master Label for lightning protection and grounding
  • Category 3 (I-105) fully adhered EPDM roof 
  • Five hitching posts provide power, network and sanitation for mobile units
  • Planned rooftop helipad

Access Control Features

  • Exterior entrances are locked at all times 
  • CCTV and programmable proximity access control systems provided
  • Exterior doors meet UL 907 for ballistic protection
  • Exterior doors meet ASTM 1540 standard for forced entry protection
  • Blast windows meet GSA ISC criteria for Level D protection
  • Interior lobbies are blast/ballistic containment areas per GSA/ISC requirements
  • Proximity access control system with supplemental biometric authentication
  • UL Grade AA-Extent III alarm services provided
  • Biometric authentication and full-time escort required for access to data centers

Network Features

  • Carrier neutral access via diversely routed dark fiber to major regional peering points
  • Diversely routed dark fiber backbone to alternate Recovery Point facilities
  • Diverse building entry points for carriers
  • Dual building DMARCs 200 ft. apart
  • Exclusive conduit available to clients from street to servers
  • Shares VOIP systems and services with all other Recovery Point sites
  • Provisioned for client-owned satellite equipment