Mechanical Infrastructure

Uptime Institute Tier-certified infrastructure requires concurrently maintainable, redundant components and multiple independent power and cooling distribution paths serving all critical loads. Only one of two installed distribution paths must be required to serve technology provisioning at any time. The facility operator must be able to remove each and every component and element in the distribution paths, on a planned basis, without impacting customer equipment.

Mechanical Features:

  • Uptime Institute Certification of Constructed Facility for Tier III mechanical infrastructure
  • 2N chiller plant
  • 2N CRAC in data centers
  • Full BMS systems to maintain temperature and humidity targets
  • Dual-fuel boiler plant – natural gas or diesel
  • Building-wide UL fire sprinkler systems
  • Pre-action dry pipe sprinkler and FM200 systems in all data centers
  • Self-sealing building designed for chem/bio air purification systems