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consulting program managementThe Planning Portal – Business Continuity Management Software

Recovery Point’s Planning Portal offers a complete business continuity software solution based on the simplicity of Microsoft SharePoint paired with deep business continuity expertise. With a familiar interface and distributed approach that reduce administrative burden, The Planning Portal enables organizational compliance with key preparedness standards, including NFPA 1600 and BS 25999. Additionally, The Planning Portal is backed by the expertise and service provided by our technical support staff who are familiar with business continuity, IT disaster recovery and The Planning Portal.

Key Features
Based on industry feedback and our years of experience, The Planning Portal provides your organization with all the features and functionality that we know are required to build and maintain a successful, value-added business continuity and disaster recovery program.

  • Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
    The Planning Portal makes it easy to conduct a BIA through either a survey or interview-based analytic approach and helps you identify and then visually map key business process and application dependencies. More important, it enables the identification of key business continuity-related risks, threats, vulnerabilities and controls, for individual processes and the organization as a whole — consistent with enterprise risk management, or ERM, best practices. All of the information gathered during the BIA is available in subsequent planning phases.

  • Recovery Strategy Definition
    Defining your recovery strategy through The Planning Portal enables more effective IT requirements planning. It clarifies your understanding of which applications need to be available and how individual elements of IT infrastructure support them. You can identify minimum staffing levels for each process throughout the period of a disruption as well as minimum resource requirements for items such as facilities, technologies and communications by process, facility and even across the entire enterprise. This is particularly valuable in alternate space planning for facility-based outages.

  • Planning
    The Planning Portal’s web-based plan development process enables highly customized plan templates and content so you can create an unlimited number of technology response and recovery plans, based on the recovery objectives identified during the BIA. For example, you can develop communications, response and recovery plans for different scenarios, such as loss of facility, loss of personnel or loss of technology.

  • Exercises
    Use The Planning Portal to define exercise plans and objectives, track exercises across the enterprise and evaluate exercise results versus objectives.

  • The Planning Portal Mobile / Live Crisis Management.
    The people you need can be anywhere during a disruption. Available on any BlackBerry OS 6+, Android or Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad) device, the Planning Portal Mobile solution keeps you in contact, enabling users to view recovery plans, team contacts, roles and procedures in a friendly and secure mobile format. Access live, incident-specific crisis management sites to track and update situation reports as well as the status of your plan and application recovery. Manage staff more effectively with check-in links that register employee locations and by publishing key mobile links — such as to floor plans and call lists — that employees can access during an emergency.

  • Notification
    Timely alerts are key to effective recovery management. Recovery Point provides the only notification software with a truly built-in notification capability that does not require an additional third-party contract. This embedded notification service sends messaging via phone (text to speech), text message (SMS) or email and lets you track notification delivery status and, optionally, survey responses.