Strategic Relationships

Recovery Point effectively multiplies the depth and breadth of our service offerings through strategic business relationships with industry-leading firms. By using these relationships to design and implement quality solutions, Recovery Point enables customers to access the resources and expertise of key industry leaders through one vendor, under one contract.


Equinix is the world’s largest IBX data center and colocation provider, offering the fastest application performance and lowest latency network routes worldwide.

Recovery Point’s strategic relationship as an Equinix Solution Partner allows our clients direct access via our private dark fiber network directly into the unique Equinix Marketplace, a global value-chain of more than 4,000 potential partners and suppliers of digital services. With the Equinix Marketplace, Recovery Point clients can more effectively reach new customers, offer new services, and connect to members of their digital supply chain to improve application performance, reduce cost and generate revenue. In turn, Equinix and its clients have direct access, via any network carrier, to the full portfolio of Recovery Point’s subscription based Business Continuity and IT Disaster Recovery solutions.

Sirius Computer Solutions

Sirius Computer Solutions’ Managed Services practice joins with Recovery Point to design and manage high availability solutions across a range of technologies, including IBM® zEnterprise® Systems and IBM Power Systems™ servers running AIX® and IBM i. This strategic relationship spans both production and disaster recovery deployments hosted at our Tier III certified facilities, allowing Recovery Point customers to leverage Sirius’ managed services expertise to design and manage high availability production and disaster recovery solutions under a single contract.


As a Gartner client, Recovery Point leverages the knowledge of the Gartner analyst community to stay abreast of the latest industry developments and key research analysis. Gartner’s strategic advisory capabilities in the areas of technology and services help us drive offering development, and their industry specific and general marketing expertise is key to helping us position ourselves in the market. In turn, Recovery Point’s experiences and lessons learned from actual disaster recovery experiences help to inform and expand Gartner’s overall reporting.

Uptime Institute

Clients rely on Recovery Point to help them keep their businesses running 24x7, and our strategic relationship with The Uptime Institute is key to our designing and certifying facilities that achieve that goal. The Uptime Institute sets industry standards for facility design and certification, and is the only organization licensed to certify vendor topology against their highly respected Tier Classification System. The current list of clients with official Tier ratings from the Uptime Institute includes industry-leading organizations from around the world. The Institute’s professionals operate independently of any Engineer-of-Record or manufacturer affiliation.

Recovery Point is proud to be one of a small number of data center operators in the United States with multiple locations that have received formal design certification from the prestigious Uptime Institute for Tier III (concurrently maintainable) data center infrastructure. This means that each and every element in the distribution paths of power and cooling can be removed from service on a planned basis, without impacting client operations. Our Germantown, Maryland facility has also received Tier III Certification of Constructed Facility, the industry’s most coveted recognition. The Uptime Institute Tier Classification System is universally recognized as the best independent measurement of infrastructure resilience. The Uptime Institute’s Professional Services consulting teams work with Recovery Point to develop and execute infrastructure projects designed to deliver continuous, uninterrupted uptime to our clients, over sustained periods.
Uptime Institute for Tier III


The pace of innovation in emerging technology and services market segments is changing the dynamics of competition. Forrester Research provides Recovery Point with critical, timely marketing analyses that drive company tactical and strategic decision making. Recovery Point, in turn, provides Forrester Research with market knowledge and lessons learned from real-world customer experiences and disaster events to inform their analysis, and our solution development strategies as data points for their industry-specific reporting.

Avalution Consulting

Avalution Consulting is a national leader in the planning, design and implementation of business continuity and IT disaster recovery planning solutions. Recovery Point’s strategic relationship with Avalution adds business continuity consulting and software capabilities to our solution set to help our clients identify and manage risk, maintain up-to-date recovery processes and procedures and limit the impact of a disaster event. In turn, Avalution’s clients have direct access to Recovery Point’s full suite of services, including experienced and respected experts for the implementation of their organizations’ recovery requirements. Clients of both firms benefit from solutions that address all aspects of business continuity, including risk reduction, prevention and rapid response.