Our Locations

Strategic Locations

Recovery Point provides multiple recovery centers located outside of dense urban areas. Our centers are purpose-built to deliver disaster recovery and hosting services, and to operate smoothly through extended outages of commercial utility and telecommunications services. Each is situated a safe distance away from obvious potential threats, such as symbolic targets and high-risk activities. No weather event or natural disaster has ever disrupted service at a Recovery Point location or caused a client to receive less than 100% of its contracted services within 24 hours of declaration.

Site Selection
From site selection to building construction and security, Recovery Point’s facilities are among the most secure and robust in the industry. Our location strategy combines geographical and physical factors to assure that clients can recover without disruption. All recovery centers are located in freestanding buildings which have been sited to minimize exposure to destructive weather and risks associated with terrorism or natural disasters.

Site Features

  • Self-sustaining sites with redundant utilities and telecommunications systems
  • Located outside of dense urban or downtown areas
  • Located away from obvious threats, symbolic targets and high-risk activities
  • Located in geologically stable areas (Zone 1 or 2 per the US Geological Survey)
  • All sites rated at Grade 2 or below on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale
  • All sites located above the local 100-year flood plain
  • One-hour drive or less to major international airports
  • Convenient access to ground transportation, lodging and medical services
Security Features
  • No public tenants or access
  • All outside entrances are locked 24x7x365
  • Intercoms at entrances to identify and screen all visitors
  • Ample, secure onsite parking
  • Remote cameras in impact-resistant housings monitor parking lots and entrances
  • Data center access control systems include secondary biometric authentication
Recovery Point’s processes and internal controls for safety and reliability are regularly reviewed at all locations by third party auditors. A current SSAE 16 SOC2 audit dated within 12 months is available upon request for your preferred location. We also support inspections by client auditors at all locations. All Recovery Point facilities are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.