Company Overview

Leadership - Innovation - Execution

Recovery Point is a leading national provider of integrated Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions. Operating facilities and recovery centers in Maryland, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Illinois, we serve a diverse client base of Federal, state and local government agencies, as well as commercial organizations ranging from Fortune 500 to small businesses. From the mainframe to the desktop, we offer the complete range of resources required for your organization to survive a catastrophic event and keep your applications and business processes running. 

Recovery Point’s unique integrated service delivery model reduces risk, eliminates vendor fragmentation and accelerates recovery processes by providing the complete range of resources required to enable survival of catastrophic events within all-inclusive, highly secure facilities. Our solutions include Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) offerings for all environments, subscription-based Hot Site, Cold Site and Work Area recovery services, managed hosting and colocation, off-site tape storage, carrier-class network services and credentialed BC/DR planning services. Recovery Point’s integrated service portfolio offers enterprise clients contract flexibility along with scalable solutions across the entire spectrum of technology environments. We have the resources of our larger competitors, without their oversubscription rates. 

Our risk management strategy balances client load across markets while maintaining the capacity to recover all clients at their primary facility, simultaneously. We have over 30 years of continuous experience in the disaster recovery industry and a nationwide reputation for innovation, flexibility and service excellence. Our facilities and processes are independently certified to the highest industry and government standards. We pride ourselves on providing world-class recovery services, flexible contract terms and personal service.

Recovery Point was founded in 1999 by First Federal Corporation, a leading provider of off-site data storage services established in 1982. In 2013, Recovery Point acquired First Federal through merger and First Federal now operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of Recovery Point. Recovery Point has been profitable for decades and is privately held with no external investors. Senior management has remained constant since inception.

Why Recovery Point?

Recovery Point’s mission is straightforward: We provide clients with the most reliable business continuity, hosting and network solutions available anywhere, all under a simplified, comprehensive service delivery model. To accomplish this mission, we focus on three main objectives. 

Simplicity and Economy:

Recovery Point’s integrated service delivery model reduces risk and eliminates vendor fragmentation. We provide a comprehensive range of hosting and disaster recovery services, under a single, competitively priced contract, at all-inclusive, highly secure sites. We have the diversity of skills, facilities and technology to address all of your enterprise recovery requirements in a single, economical solution. Our goal is to make things simple for you. 

Reduced Risk:

Recovery Point offers the finest, independently certified facilities and the best ratio of provider capabilities to client requirements available in the industry. We have the resources of our larger competitors but not their oversubscription rates. We guarantee access to your chosen facility during a disaster and reduce your risk. 

The Right Balance:

Large vendors often have large resources, but they are only available to you within rigid contractual and service delivery guidelines. Small vendors may offer greater flexibility, but often fall short in depth of resources and corporate stability. Recovery Point offers the best of both worlds: we are big enough to get the job done for enterprise clients across the country, but we are flexible, responsive and always focus on your needs.